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What Is the Crime of Prostitution

Simply put, prostitution is providing sexual services in exchange for compensation. Sometimes called the oldest profession, prostitution can take many forms, from streetwalkers and brothels to sophisticated call-girl or escort services and elaborate sex tourism operations. In the early 1900s, it was viewed as a profession for women who were uneducated, poor, and morally corrupted. It was just the opposite for male customers. Often they were successful, educated, financially fit and, just being men. Understanding Todays Laws The laws today are fairly straight forward. In some jurisdictions, the compensation given to a prostitute in exchange for a sexual act does not have to be money, but generally, it must offer some kind of monetary value to the person receiving it. Gifts, drugs, food, or even a job are examples of compensation that has value but is not the actual exchange of money. In most states, offering sexual services or agreeing to provide those services in exchange for money is considered prostitution whether or not the services are provided. Therefore, a person who solicits prostitution agrees to provide a sexual service for compensation or actually engages in the sexual service, can be charged with a crime. There must also be an act in furtherance, such as going to a hotel room or around the corner in order to perform the act or handing over the agreed upon fee. For example, if a woman approaches a man in a bar and offers to provide a sexual act for a fee, and the man turns her down, she could be arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution, but not the act of prostitution. If an undercover police officer approached a woman and offered to pay her in exchange for a sexual favor, and the woman agreed to the terms, the police officer and the woman would have to take it to next level by, for example, meeting at an agreed place. At that point, the officer could arrest her for prostitution, without ever receiving the sexual favor.   All Parties Can Be Charged In most jurisdictions, the person offering sexual services is not the only one who can be charged with a crime. The person who pays for the sexual services, sometimes called a John, can face charges of solicitation of prostitution.  Any middleman involved in the transaction can be charged for pimping or pandering. Any Sexual Activity Can Be Considered Prostitution The crime of prostitution is not limited to any specific sexual or lewd act, but generally, the service provided must be designed to create sexual arousal, whether or not the recipient actually becomes aroused. There must be an agreed upon fee for the act. Decriminalizing Prostitution In every state in the U.S., prostitution is a crime with the exception of Nevada, which allows brothels, but under strict and controlled conditions. However, an effort by some to decriminalize prostitution is common. Advocates for the legalization of prostitution argue that people should have the right to earn an income by granting sexual favors if that is what they choose to do.   They also argue that the expense of arresting and legally processing prostitutes, pimps and those looking to hire prostitutes, creates a financial burden on states without any success of stopping it from going on. Supporters often use Nevada as an example, pointing out that If prostitution was legal, states could actually profit from it through taxation and set up regulations that would decrease sexually transmitted diseases.   Those who are against legalizing prostitution often view it the  moral corruption of society. They argue that prostitution attracts those who suffer from low self-esteem and who do not see themselves as worthy of a better life and have no other option but to trade sex for money. Rather than legalize it, they feel states should make more of an effort to improve education and help young adults set higher standards for themselves rather than to view prostitution as a viable goal. Most feminist argue vehemently that to legalize prostitution would only promote the worst form of degradation for women and that states should make more of an effort into ending gender discrimination in the workplace.

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John Maynard Keynes Transformed Economics In The 20Th Century

John Maynard Keynes transformed economics in the 20th century by challenging traditionalist thinking and the postulates that underpinned their theories. Keynes disagreed with the laissez faire attitude of the classical thinkers, and argued for greater government intervention due to his belief that the focus should be on demand side macroeconomics rather than supply side. This belief transpired because of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the subsequent depression that highlighted the shortcomings of the traditional theories, especially in regards to employment that remained excessively high for a prolonged period. The Keynesian school of thought became the mainstream economic guidance from the 1940’s to 1970’s, with Keynes heavily involved†¦show more content†¦Hence, their solution to the Great Depression was for people to accept lower wages, thus bringing the market back into equilibrium. The events of the 1930’s, however, bankrupted this theory due to the size and the longevity of the unemployment that was not resolved naturally by the market; by 1932 one quarter of the American workforce was unemployed. Hence, Keynes argued in The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money that full employment was a special case and that ‘the characteristics of the special case assumed by the classical theory happen not to be those of the economic society’ (Keynes 1936, p12). Keynes examined the postulates that underpinned this idea, and found that ‘The traditional theory maintains, in short, that the wage bargains between the entrepreneurs and the workers determine the real wage,’ (Keynes 1936, p16) and the real wage determines the volume of employment. Keynes perceived this to be erroneous and maintained that employment is dependent on effective demand, with the level of effective demand setting the real wages and output. He stated that unemployment was a consequence of the deficiency of effective demand because people only spend a proportion of their whole income. Therefore, the unemployment caused by the depression was not a result of the rejection by the workers to accept lowerShow MoreRelatedSmith s Attack On Mercantilism3631 Words   |  15 PagesThe managed economy of John Maynard Keynes John Maynard Keynes was the best political business analyst of the twentieth century. He was a man of outstanding capacity abundantly affected by the intriguing times through which he lived. Case in point, without encountering the Great Inter-war Depression, it is far-fetched that Keynes would have composed the General Theory of Employment Interest and Money, the most imperative commitment to financial aspects in the most recent century. In the General TheoryRead MoreA Brief Look at American Exceptionalism1085 Words   |  4 Pages\Throughout the 20th century, the United States has built and maintained hegemonic superpower status. Since its birth, America has transformed from a limited constitutional republic based on protecting and respecting individual rights, to a modern day empire based on majority rule, seeking to dictate to the rest of the world. The testament of history is that empires do not and cannot last indefinitely. The graveyard of empires is littered with great pow ers who did not understand this very factRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesSouthern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography Allida M. Black, ed., Modern American Queer History EricRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pages. Organization Theory Challenges and Perspectives John McAuley, Joanne Duberley and Phil Johnson . This book is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive and reliable guide to organisational theory currently available. What is needed is a text that will give a good idea of the breadth and complexity of this important subject, and this is precisely what McAuley, Duberley and Johnson have provided. They have done some sterling service in bringing together the very diverse strands of workRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesComplementing Intuition with Systematic Study 11 Disciplines That Contribute to the OB Field 13 Psychology 14 †¢ Social Psychology 14 †¢ Sociology 14 †¢ Anthropology 14 There Are Few Absolutes in OB 14 Challenges and Opportunities for OB 15 Responding to Economic Pressures 15 †¢ Responding to Globalization 16 †¢ Managing Workforce Diversity 18 †¢ Improving Customer Service 18 †¢ Improving People Skills 19 †¢ Stimulati ng Innovation and Change 20 †¢ Coping with â€Å"Temporariness† 20 †¢ Working in Networked Organizations

The Unification Of Germany And Italy History Essay Free Essays

The fusion of both Germany and Italy changed each state everlastingly. The impact for both the fusion of Germany and Italy created a forceful mentality for independency, economic growing, and a strong patriotism. However, to each its ain can be a statement here, as the fusions besides brought bloody war, separation, and commanding political relations. We will write a custom essay sample on The Unification Of Germany And Italy History Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now This essay will compare and contrast the fusion of Germany and the fusion of Italy. War is war. It is a natural force, it can unify some, and divide others, and the fusion of both Germany and Italy are to be understood with the same frame of idea for this essay. The similarities for Germany and Italy are many, but here I will name the points that are most recognizable from an academic position. Chiefly it is of import to notate that both unification procedures required the work and order of a confident leader. Even though the fusion of Italy required a changed in leading, the procedure led to the same end. Where Germany had, Bismarck, Italy had di Cavor. Bismarck was known as the â€Å" Bloody Iron. † His ideas of fusion were of pure endurance. He required barbarous force to derive integrity for Germany. Italy ‘s leading thought with a more political mentality. Camilo di Cavor ( the kingsmen that eventually took Italy all the manner into fusion ) relied more on blessing from political groups and out of economic despair. In add-on, Italy had a larger battle due to the extent of the current disorganisation and separation of her boundary lines. There were at least 39 single bordering locations to unify with what subsequently became the capital of Italy, Rome. In add-on, both fusions had a end of unifying their broken state and supplying a centralised authorities regulation. However, being that the logical thinking is considered to include economic agencies in both fusions ; the importance in the economic base for Italy was far more of import and necessary. Italy had faced bankruptcy and a great depression from all of the anterior promises from anterior leaders. This was Italy ‘s chief thrust, endurance after multiple attempts and complete old failure. The rudimentss of each state and their push for fusion were that multiple districts desired the integrity of so holding control and running one united state or authorities. The demands for the people were presented different in the narrative of the fusions, but the demands for a authorities do look of import, if non more of import, to the fusion procedure. Germany had a program and struck while the Fe was hot, where Italy had to take some major falls before they were able to unify as one. Unlike other wars, the fusions of both Germany and Italy gained support from all societal categories. The fusion ‘s intent for both of the states led to a patriotism to let each state excessively so thrive. The societal populations of both states shared the same demands, but for different commanding factors. Austria ruled Northern Italy, and the Catholic Church controlled cardinal Italy. Germany was nowhere nigh every bit discombobulated as Italy, yet had the same desire of centralisation control in authorities and policy. Equally far as existent procedure of fusion, merely put, Germany ‘s fusion procedure did differ in ways from the fusion of Italy. Where Italy was under a pollex of foreign control, Germany was independent. Some of the foreign controls for Italy included Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Pope, the Duchies of Spoleto and the land of Two Siciles. Germany entered fusion with a major war with France and subsequently established universe power, but this was through denial of advice from multiple countries, including the Pope! Their consistent disposition led to a speedy triumph. Another signifier of difference between both states ‘ fusion is the existent procedure required to derive each of their fusions. Germany won their unification rapidly and swift, merely seven hebdomads, where Italy was a bloody conflict for their lone authorities for multiple old ages and multiple leaders. Italy took old ages longer along with a batch of leader and male monarch restructuring excessively eventually derive the same success as Germany. Even though each state had similar aims, their thoughts of the demand to unite did differ somewhat. Germany wanted to organize a â€Å" 3rd Germany † in which Germany excluded from Austria and Prussia. Germany besides gained their fusion through direct and unfastened struggle. On the reverse, Italy ‘s objected was to divide themselves from France in hope of a lone authorities. There were enormous up ‘s and down ‘s for Italy and her people, and unification fit the demand at the clip. Looking at the leaders for each of the fusions, Italy faced failure through Napoleon after merely 100 yearss into war. He was subsequently exiled and succeeded by Louis IVIII, this led to the public violences of the people and the non-support due a direct failure that subsequently led to a belly-up Italy. Later, enters Italy ‘s premier curate of the land Savoy, Camilo di Cavor. He launches war and uses diplomatic negotiations and war to drive power. He is better known as the Brain. Cavour is the leader that eventually led Italy ( after a few failed efforts ) to fusion. The procedure was long and hard, but the wages was deserving Italy ‘s cicatrixs. Germany ‘s leader is merely one adult male, Otto Von Bismarck. In 1862, Bismarck was appointed the King of Prussia. Bismarck used policy of Realpolitik to regulate. Bismarck held small or no idea to single moralss, over all ethical motives, or current legalities. Bismarck ‘s end was to beef up military and the industrialized the nucleus of Germany and Germany ‘s people. His ideas of fusion were unite German provinces under one ruleaˆÂ ¦simply stated, non Austrian, but Prussian regulation! Quickly, the Germans defeated the Gallic and at the terminal of the war, all of the German provinces joined with Prussia to unify as one German State. The chauvinistic feeling was on the rise during the clip that Bismarck and Cavor controlled the states of Germany and Italy. Both leaders opted to work that experiencing through war. Through Treaties, confederations were formed for Germany, but it is through failure so success that confederations were formed for Italy. Both fusions served similar intents and yet different concluding. As I stated in the beginning of this essay, the impact for both the fusion of Germany and Italy created a forceful mentality for independency, economic growing, and a strong patriotism. The terminal wages for both Germany and Italy remain the same, remarkable patriotism through combined integrity. How to cite The Unification Of Germany And Italy History Essay, Essay examples

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The Most Difficult Year Essay Example For Students

The Most Difficult Year Essay As enjoyable as senior year is, getting the school work done is almost as painful as getting wisdom teeth pulled. The amount of work, even if considered miniscule, is unbearable. Senioritis hits early and hard in the school year but the last term feels like a track race, when the runner is worried they wont make it because they can feel their energy draining. At a small public high school in Massachusetts, the end of the school year was so close all the students could taste it, tastes of freedom and something fruity. But, looming over them was a dark cloud in the shape of a paper, but not just any paper; the dreaded English Research Paper. We will write a custom essay on The Most Difficult Year specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now It was the last hurdle before the finish line in that track race. When the runner is almost out of energy and they do not think that they can make it over. This is when athletes are tempted by illegal helpers; steroids. In a students case, the illegal helper is not as such a big deal, or so one thinks. Plagiarism is a very harmful to have on your record and it is easily caught. The consequences vary depending on details of the plagiarism but are all harsh. I was not caught in the act but after learning so much about it I will now vow to never plagiarize again. Here is my story when I turned to the illegal side. It definitely was not a bright sunny day when the teacher slammed down the assignment on our desks. I tried to pick up the packet, too heavy. The staple, barely keeping its grasp on all the pages winked at me noticing my discomfort at the amount of pages. I attempted to open the first page but quickly dropped it after feeling the sharp pain of a paper cut on my pointer finger. Fine, stay closed I whispered to the paper, and that is exactly what it did, deep inside my binder in the abyss of my backpack. The gruesome details of the assignment had been passed down from the upperclassmen that have already graduated to the next years seniors. Everyone knew what it consisted of; reading four books by the same author, finding a theme that the author uses in all four books and writing a ten page paper on it. All of the procrastinators backpacks including my own, began to feel heavier as the due date dragged nearer as if everyday that they avoided the giant elephant in their english binder a rock was being placed inside their backpack. Finally, when their shoulders felt as though they would fall off, they came to the conclusion that if their friends survived then that means they can too. At this point all of us procrastinators realized that we didnt have time to read four books. I typed in google, good quotes and interpretations for all four books I had picked by my author. The copy and paste button worked but it felt so hot when I was pressing it as if it was filled with hot coals. When I finally typed out the last words of my conclusion I expected my hands to be red with blood, I was surprised to see there wasnt a scratch. I felt this same pain in my fingertips as I handed the ten pages, stapled neatly together, to my teacher. I must have drawn my hand away too fast and had a look of discomfort on my face because the teacher asked if I was alright. When I said I was with as much confidence as I could muster, the teacher gave me a knowing look. I had nervous sweats everyday in that class until we received the grades, The grade was not bad but I was more overjoyed with not getting caught for my dirty deed. The emotions that procrastinators go through from the start of a big paper to end is not something they want to go through again but then they always seem to; creatures of habit. From procrastination to plagiarizing, I realize now they go hand in hand. I now know not to start my work early or else I will lead myself down the road of plagiarizing and to my emotional demise.

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Gender Sensitivity Essay

Gender Sensitivity Essay Gender Sensitivity Essay Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex (i.e. the state of being male, female or intersex), sex-based social structures (including gender roles and other social roles), or gender identity.[1][2][3][4] Sexologist John Money introduced the terminological distinction between biological sex and gender as a role in 1955. Before his work, it was uncommon to use the word gender to refer to anything but grammatical categories.[1][2] However, Money's meaning of the word did not become widespread until the 1970s, when feminist theory embraced the concept of a distinction between biological sex and the social construct of gender. Today, the distinction is strictly followed in some contexts, especially the social sciences[5][6] and documents written by the World Health Organization (WHO).[4] However, in many other contexts, including some areas of social sciences, gender includes sex or replaces it.[1][2] Although this change in the meaning of gender can be traced to the 1980s, a small acceleration of the process in the scientific literature was observed in 1993 when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started to use gender instead of sex.[7] In 2011, the FDA reversed its position and bega n using sex as the biological classification and gender as "a person's self representation as male or female, or how that person is responded to by social institutions based on the individual's gender presentation."[8] In non-human animal research, gender is also commonly used to refer to the physiology of the animals.[2] In the English literature, the trichotomy between biological sex, psychological gender, and social sex role first appeared in a feminist paper on transsexualism in 1978.[2][9] Some cultures have specific gender-related social roles that can be considered distinct from male and female, such as the hijra of India and Pakistan. The social sciences have a branch devoted to gender studies. Other sciences, such as sexology and neuroscience, are also interested in the subject. While the social sciences

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The Halloween Storm of the Century in 1991

The Halloween Storm of the Century in 1991 The Perfect Storm was a rare monster storm with an unnamed hurricane in the center of the tempest. The perfect storm was a nickname given  to this storm by Bob Case, a retired NOAA meteorologist. The storm began as an extratropical low on October 28, 1991 and became famous as author Sebastian Junger profiled the sinking of the swordfishing boat the ​Andrea Gail in the novel The Perfect Storm. The storm would eventually produce 100-foot ​rogue waves. October Weather Conditions In October, most of the United States moves towards the cold winter months as the country slowly cools down from the summer heat. Ocean water has a high heat capacity meaning the landmasses of North America cool at a more rapid rate than the ocean waters. The heat retained in the Atlantic will often create massive storms in the still-warm waters. Because air masses retain the characteristics of their source, the continental air masses from the cooler land will often meet the maritime air masses of the warmer ocean creating large storms known as a Noreaster. Predicting the Perfect Storm Forecasters had a rough time forecasting this Halloween storm. The storm happened when a high-pressure system, a low-pressure system, and the remnants from Hurricane Grace collided in a trilogy of terror. The resulting waves and high winds hit many parts of the Eastern United States causing the famed sinking of the Andrea Gail and the death of her six passengers. An interesting aspect of the huge system was its retrograde motion (east to west)- not away from the New England Coast, but toward it. Even while New Englanders were enjoying clear bright blue October weather, forecasters were warning of this immense storm. A Rare Weather Event According to Bob Case, the set of meteorological circumstances leading to the storm happen only every 50-100 years. Much like the Fujiwhara Effect, several weather events (detailed at the bottom of the page) did a strange meteorological dance around each other. Storm damage hit as far south as North Carolina, Florida, and the Northern coast of Puerto Rico. The storm caused millions of dollars in damages to beaches and homes, including the seaside Kennebunkport, Maine home of former President George Bush. An Unnamed Hurricane A remarkable event occurred when a hurricane formed inside the Halloween Noreaster. Wind speeds topped 80 mph inside of the intense Halloween storm, making the storm of hurricane strength on the Saffir-Simposon Scale. This particular hurricane was never named as most tropical cyclones are named according to a pre-set list of hurricane names. Instead, it would become known as the Unnamed Hurricane of 1991. The storm finally broke up over Nova Scotia, Canada, on November 2, 1991, and remains only the 8th hurricane never to be named since the naming practice began in the 1950s. Why Wasnt the Hurricane Named? There is a difference between the Halloween Storm of 1991 and the hurricane that formed inside the storm. At the time of the storm, emergency officials and the media were scrambling to get more information on the storm damages and well as any forecasts for future problems. It was decided that the hurricane would be short-lived and should remain unnamed so as not to confuse people. Storm Records Broken Many locations up and down the Atlantic coast saw tide, flood, and storm surge records broken. In Ocean City, Maryland, a record high tide of 7.8 feet occurred beating the old record of 7.5 feet recorded during a March 1962 storm. Damages in Massachusetts topped $100 million dollars. Other specific facts are available from the National Climatic Data Center Damage Summary for the Perfect Storm. Causes of the Storm of the Century Hurricane Grace - On October 27, 1991, Hurricane Grace formed off the coast of Florida. As Grace moved north on October 29, an extratropical cyclone formed over Canada. The counterclockwise motion of this low-pressure zone left a trailing cold front over much of the Northern Atlantic coast. The cold front would later catch up with the dying hurricane. Grace would later make the retrograde turn to the east in response.A Low-Pressure System - The low-pressure system formed over Canada and ran into Hurricane Grace off the coast of Nova Scotia, tearing the already downgraded hurricane apart. There was intense wind shear that acted as a hurricane-breaker, but the low-pressure system absorbed much of the energy of Hurricane Grace. The low-pressure system reached a peak intensity of 972 millibars of pressure and maximum sustained winds of 60 knots on October 30. The later movement of this low-pressure system over warmer 80 degree Gulf Stream waters served to intensify the storm in the same way tropical storms are intensified by warm ocean waters in the tropics. A High-Pressure System - A strong high-pressure center extended from the Gulf of Mexico northeastward along the Appalachians into Greenland. Strong winds were generated from the tight pressure gradient between a strong high high-pressure in eastern Canada (1043 mb) and the surface low.

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New York Computer Forensics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

New York Computer Forensics - Essay Example New York Computer Forensics Company has skilled and expert computer forensic staff and experts. These people effectively utilize the proven methods and sophisticated software, and tools which can be used to analyze and retrieve the entire data on a crime scene system to as absolute level as probable. In this scenario, this kind of material can include deleted files and e-mail and logs and other details that can be related to the problems and issues being examined. In addition, experience in a variety of investigation scenarios over the years has permitted and skilled New York Computer Forensic Services to build up procedures and started measures that make results matchless in the Computer Forensics field (Global Digital Forensics, 2012).Services offeredThe reality is that almost all information and data formed in this day as well as age is in the form of electronic design. Additionally, New York Computer Forensic Services support a wide variety of businesses in all aspects of compute r forensic authentication achievement, protection, and arrangement by minimizing expenditures and making sure that proof does not become tainted. In addition, New York Computer Forensic Services Company specializes in a number of forensic services, which are: (Global Digital Forensics, 2012)Â   Guidance Software Professional Services Company offers their clients most effective and direct access to technical capability with a personalized practice that enhance their return on business investment.... ly, New York Computer Forensic Services support a wide variety of businesses in all aspects of computer forensic authentication achievement, protection, and arrangement by minimizing expenditures and making sure that proof does not become tainted. In addition, New York Computer Forensic Services Company specializes in a number of forensic services, which are: (Global Digital Forensics, 2012) E-mail Forensics Computer Forensics Network Forensics Data Acquisition Full Computer Forensic Investigations Evidence Processing Database Forensics Backup Tape Analysis Correlation and Link Analysis Forensic Analysis Expert Testimony Guidance Software Professional Services Guidance Software Professional Services Company offers their clients most effective and direct access to technical capability with a personalized practice that enhance their return on business investment as well as speeds-up their time to value. In addition, using the Professional Services from Guidance, business employees atta in a trusted consultant to meet their objectives in all regions of digital analysis of any walk of life. Additionally, the Guidance Software Advisory Program (GAP) is aimed at ensuring successful acceptance and implementation of the EnCase application suite of the software system into a company’s business operations and processes. Moreover, the tactic of Guidance Software Professional Services for investigation is based on examine, plan, and frequent assessment of procedures enhancement and risk (Guidance Software, 2012). Services Offered There are many services and support areas offered by Guidance Software Professional Services Company. Given below are some of them: (Guidance Software, 2012) Casework Services Implementation Services Cyber Security Assessment Services Data Mapping